Coupon Language

If you are new to couponing, you may be confused by the foreign language you see in various posts. I have a translator here, you may even consider printint this until you are well familiar :-)

  • SS = Smartsource – This coupon insert is in nearly each Sunday paper with rare exception.
  • RP = RedPlum – This Insert is in nearly each Sunday’s paper, occasionally there will b a week without.
  • PG = Proctor&Gambel – This Insert comes out the weekend closest to the 1st of the month, sometimes just before, sometimes just after. This generally has several great coupons making products free or nearly so.
  • GM = General Mills – this usually has BoxTop information plastered everywhere – This insert comes out about every 6weeks-2 months.

Catalina or CAT – is store money that prints when you buy specified items. These print AFTER you pay for the item and can be used to pay for a future purchase, this can be 2 minutes later, a week later or the day it expires (generally 2 weeks after printing) or any time in between! I like to use these on things that tend to not have many coupons or good sales like fruit and meat!
When you see things like $1/1, $1/2 ,$3/2 etc ….
This means how much money worth off of how many items. so $1/1 = $1 off 1 item, $3/2 = $3 off 2 items and so on.

When you  see things like this, 1/15 SS or 6/1 PG and the like…
This is telling you where/when the insert came out. 1/15 SS  = January 15th SmartSource,  6/1 PG = June 1st Proctor and Gambel …. knowing this information is helpful if you have been delinquent in clipping(this helps me alot) or if it is from an older one, you know ou didn’t pick up the paper that week, it will save you hunting for it or planning shopping around a coupon you don’t have.

RR = Walgreen’s store money
+UP Reward = RiteAid Store money
ECB = CVS Store money

There are more, but these are the big ones If you find others that you are not understanding, Please let me know, I’ll answer as well as add it here for others :-)

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