How to get YOUR money BACK!

First, CASHBACK sites.
Most of these are set up for online use, when you find a great deal on a website, add them to your cart and just before paying, go check these sites, or the 1 you’ve chosen to deal with, see if the deal with the site, if so, click their link to go back to your cart, then order what you want.
This won’t save you anything on your up front cost, unless when you went to your fav. cash back site you discovered a nice coupon code!!! ;-) , BUT it WILL give you a stated % back(this varies by cash back site AND store). You are going to spend the money anyway, why not get a little back? I have seen up to 35% Cash back for some!
Each CashBack site has a different amount of money built up before requesting a check,
Mr. Rebates – This one is my personal favorite, although I don’t really have a good reason for it to be :-P . I have found on a number of stores I have wanted to order from that they had a higher % , this is not always the case though. Mr Rebates will send a money to your Paypal or a check  when you request after you have accumulated $10 in cash back rewards, this can happen very fast!

Ebates – You’ll see this one on TV sometimes. Ebates sends a Quarterly Check, you can also opt to have it sent directly to your Paypal account!

Shop-at-home – This is another well known Cash back site. Personally I don’t like the layout and use it least, BUT they work out some amazingly high cashback 1 day deals, very worth checking regularly!

BeeSavy – This one is new on the scene of cashback sites but there look to be some great % on some stores! You can request a payment once you have $10 accumulated either by check or to your PayPal. You can also set it to send payment after a given amount/time frame has passed, assuming it is over the $10 level :-)

There are also a couple which work similarly to the above cash Back sites BUT you can actually register your store cards, RiteAid, CVS, Local grocery stores, Shaw’s and Hannaford in my area, even a credit/debit card! When you register these, you will get automatic % back when making purchases at the stores you’ve registered their card, as well as others if you register your credit/debit card.
ALSO by registering these cards, you can go onto your account the beginning of each month, “clip coupons” for items ranging from razors to pasta  to cleaning products. When you use a registered card and purchase one of the items you “clipped” you will receive the amount of the “coupon” in your savings. Keep in mind you will NOT get savings at the register for these “coupons”, you will see it in cash back! :-)

This to me seems like EASY money since this is on items we are buying anyway! Many times these items are free after coupon and/or Rebate … and now to get money, cold hard cash for them too?!

SavingStar – You will be able to request a check or have the money deposited into a PayPal account!

U-Promise  – This one is different in one very cool way, the Cashback through Upromise is set up to go toward college funding! This can be for yourself, your child, a neighbor, niece, nephew or anyone you decide! You CAN also request it in cash as well, this is a recent change :-)
Also, you can print coupons which WILL give you at the register, savings as well!

Last but not least, This one is not Cash back, BUT it will sure give you money to spend! You can earn point to get all sorts of different items, from cellphone wallpaper to game systems (Wii, XBox etc) and best of all, GIFTCARDS!!! You can get cash in your PayPal account as well, the best bang for your points though are $5 Amazon Gift cards. Where can I get all these for free and how?
Swagbucks! – Swagbucks is actually a search engine, like Google,powered by Google actually, but you earn points called Swagbucks, randomly when searching places you would normally search! I earned 7 searching Facebook this morning! You can also earn points by doing little polls, watching a short video, and many more ways!  The easiest way is to download their toolbar… don’t worry it is clean! … now do all of your web searches through this toolbar… you will also earn 1-2 Swagbucks per day simply for having the toolbar on your computer! I search everything, even foolish things like facebook, yahoo etc, yes I know where to find hem, but for 5-50 Swagbucks, I’ll take the extra second :-)
You can also print coupons from the Swagbucks site, it is powered by, you will get 10 Swagbucks for each coupon you use printed from their site!  save money + earn point toward Amazon Gift cards….. how can you lose?!

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