Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back again! Ready for the New Year!!!

So, after about 3 weeks away (wow hadn't realized it had been that long) with sickness and Holiday craziness..... I'm back! Ready for the new year, ready to get posting the deals again and lots more!

A few Notice/Reminders to get started......
*Tomorrow there will be 1 PG insert in the Sunday Papers, remember to give a quick flip through before making your purchase to be sure you are getting your coupons!

*Reminder, the month is ending, Rite Aid Video Values,, Target, Smartsource, RedPlum printable coupons will be resetting so print while you can!

*We've had a couple weeks off from coupons and many of us were too busy to put much focus on coupons lately, so be sure to go clean out you binder/folder/envelopes etc.... Start the New Year with a Fresh Clean Binder!

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