Sunday, November 25, 2012

CyberMonday tips to save you more!

Alright, well I"m not a big online shopper, I"m one who needs to touch things .... BUT.... Cyber Monday is tomorrow, and there are some SWEEETTT Deals to be had! I"ll do what I can do get some sweet ones up for you .....

In the mean time though, here are a few places you want to visit first  to get the biggest bang from your shopping $$$'s.

These are Rebate sites, so you just use their links to go to the store website and what you buy, you will earn various % back on your purchases.... Hey, it's YOUR money, you might as well get some of it back right?! :-)

Mr. Rebates 




Each of these take a few minutes to sign up for but are well worth the time! It is worth taking a moment to see which is offering the best % back as well!

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